The following elements will hep you create messages and presentations that connect you to your audience:


    Research and ask questions about your audience.

    • Who are they?
    • What do they expect from your presentation?
    • Are they a motivated or an unmotivated audience?

    • Based on your research about the audience, create an opening that summarizes your theme and tells the audience why they should listen.
    • In your opening, use story, a metaphor or observation about your theme that relate to your audience.

    • Select the content that supports your opening
    • Your content will be filtered by your opening

    Presentations are visceral, mental and physical, experiences and not intellectual

    You must practice your presentation with the same energy as if you are actually
    presenting to get the full benefit of your practice


    • Use your presentation voice not your conversation voice
    • Your presentation voice is supported with air from your diaphragm

    Body Language

    • To control your body language, focus on what you are saying when you say it
    • Be passionate about your subject and show it when you are presenting