• Control it or it will control you
  • Be careful of secondary messages communicated by body language
  • Make eye contact with the audience


  • Occupy the space and stand straight using your presentation voice
  • Using your presentation voice will make it appear that you are confident
  • It will also make you appear taller


Your mental concentration should control your body language.

  • Don’t become distracted by listening to yourself while presenting or you will have an out of body experience and make mistakes
  • Do not judge your performance while you are performing
  • Do not be affected by the audience reaction or lack of it
  • Don’t stop your presentation
  • Stay within yourself – your comfort zone

Recording yourself to see if you have any ‘tells’ is enlightening. Tells are body language signs that tell the audience that you have disconnected from them.


  • closing your eyes
  • looking away from the audience for a long time
  • using your hands to much so they become a distraction
  • when listening intently, you look mad
Presentation Confidence